Happy Birthday, Maryland

We spent the weekend of June 19-21 camping at Point Lookout State Park in Southern Maryland.  On Saturday (June 20), we visited Historic St. Mary’s City for Celebrate 375, a festival to commemorate the 375th anniversary of Maryland’s founding.  The festival was fun and educational, and the best part was the beer.

1634 Ale was brewed by Brewer’s Alley to represent the beer of early colonial Maryland.  This dark and tasty brew is based on research of historic recipes and raw materials that would have been available at the time.  It is a rye-based ale that includes malted wheat, molasses and caraway, along with caramel and dark malts.

Brewers Alley was pouring 1634 Ale for $3 a pint, and Beth and I enjoyed several with lunch.  I highly recommend this one-of-a-kind beer.

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