Ruddy Duck

We celebrated Father’s Day (June 21, 2009) at the Ruddy Duck Brewery and Grill in Solomons, Maryland. Ruddy Duck logo

The brewery restaurant had just opened a week and a half ago and they only had two of their beers on tap.  I had a pint of the Pale Ale first, and then a pint of the Golden Ale.  Both beers were well made, but the Pale Ale was an easy pick for pint #3.

Ruddy Duck BrewsThe waitress told us that an IPA would be ready soon and from looking at the beer list on the web site, they have an ambitious brewing agenda.  I’m looking forward to stopping in again the next time I’m in Southern Maryland.

Our visit to this new brew pub was worth the 30 minute drive up from our campsite at Point Lookout State Park.  Nice place, great menu, fun vibe, and good beers!

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