Magic Hat Brewing Company (New England Beer Vacation Part 1)



The first thing on my to-do list after pulling into Carlisle, MA for summer vacation:
Visit Colonial Spirits, which is a ten-minute drive away in nearby Acton.

Colonial Spirits is the best beer store ever!

I loaded my cart with all sorts of beer that I can’t find back home.  Although I can find brews from Magic Hat Brewing Company (Burlington, VT) in Maryland, I tossed the Magic Hat Summer Variety 12-Pack in my cart because I love the brewery and I had never tried two of the four beers in the mix pack.

I sampled these Magic Hat brews on Saturday, July 25:

  • #9 (Pale Ale with apricot extract)
  • Lucky Kat (IPA)
  • Odd Notion (Belgian Blonde)
  • Wacko (Beet extract gives this beer its beautiful red color)

Odd Notion was my favorite, and the color of Wacko was unlike any beer I had ever seen before.  My picture doesn’t do justice to this bright red brew.  Get a Magic Hat Summer 12-Pack to see for yourself!

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