Haverhill Brewing Company (New England Beer Vacation Part 5)

Haverhill Six PacksIt was the last day of summer vacation (Saturday, August 1), so I headed to Colonial Spirits to get some beer to take home to Maryland.  As I rounded the corner in the back of the store for one last leisurely browse through the beer aisle, I was pumped to see that a beer tasting was underway.

A rep from Haverhill Brewing Company was on hand to pour samples of their beers.  I had always noticed the Haverhill six-packs in the beer cooler – who could miss the pin-up girl packaging?  But I had never been seduced by the marketing gimmick and bought any.

If only I knew what I was missing!  All of the beers I tasted were excellent:

  • Leatherlips IPA
  • Homerun APA, an American Pale Ale
  • HaverAle, a cream ale
  • Whittier White
  • Ascension, a Belgian-style IPA

I got a six-pack of the IPA and White to take home, and I’ll definitely buy more the next time I’m in New England.  I also plan to visit The TAP Brewpub and Restuarant in Haverhill, MA, where you can find all of the Haverhill Brewery Company beers, including many that are available on draft only.

One response to “Haverhill Brewing Company (New England Beer Vacation Part 5)

  1. Mike, This Blog is great. I love to read about the beer and was just at Colonial Spirits Yesterday to pick up a couple of six packs. I am drinking a UFO unfiltered right now. I highly recommend it. All the best and keep up the Blogging. -e

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