Brewpubs and Battlefields

Barley and Hops FrontWe visited Monocacy National Battlefield near Frederick, MD on Saturday, August 22, where we met up with friends of the family.

The Battle of Monocacy is known as the Civil War battle that saved Washington, D.C.  In the summer of 1864, Confederate forces marched towards D.C. and threatened to capture the capital city.  Union troops engaged the Confederates on the banks of the Monocacy River.  You have to visit this National Park to learn the rest of the story – it’s facinating history.  The park features an informative visitors center and museum, and a driving tour to five key spots of the battle.

Would you beleive that a brewery restuarant, Barley and Hops Grill and Microbrewery, is located less than a mile from the Battlefield?  Imagine that!

Barley and Hops Sampler_2

After spending a couple of hours at Monocacy National Battlefield, we had lunch at Barley and Hops.  I ordered the six beer sampler, but they only had five house beers available.  Unfortunately, they were between their seasonal offerings!

For the six beer sampler, I was served their five standard offerings, plus one mixed beer:

  • Dirty Little Blonde Lager, a light lager for the locals
  • Annapolis Rocks Pale Ale
  • Hoptopsy ESB
  • Big Ben Nut Brown
  • Schifferstadt Stout
  • Dirty Dirty, a mixed beer popular with the regulars that combines the Nut Brown with the Dirty Blonde

The beers were decent, and while there wasn’t a standout, I enjoyed a pint of the Pale Ale with lunch.  The excellent service and food would give reason to visit again, but Brewer’s Alley would certainly be my first stop in Frederick.

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