Gordon Biersch (Rockville)

GB SamplerWe went out for lunch on Sunday, September 6 to one of our favorite brewery restaurants — Gordon Biersch in the Town Square in Rockville, Maryland.  We like the close proximity, convenient parking, friendly atmosphere, great food, German beers, and rewards program.  The kids like the toy store just up the street, where we always browse after a meal.

I ordered the beer sampler, which included four house beers and two seasonals:

  • Golden Export, their light lager for the masses.
  • Hefeweizen, a delicious wheat — this is my favorite GB beer and as good a wheat beer as you’ll find anywhere.
  • Czech Pilsner, a well-made pilsner.
  • Marzen, a smooth lager.
  • Blonde Organic, one of their seasonal offerings.
  • Dunkelweizen, a seasonal that was so good that I ordered a pint.

I wish I had remembered my GB growler — I would have left with a growler of the Dunkel.  Festbier is the next seasonal on tap and you can guarantee that we’ll be back during the Oktoberfest season.

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