Rock Bottom Bethesda

The Rock Bottom in Bethesda, Maryland is one of my favorite brew pubs, and I finally got back there for dinner with the family on November 13.  I’m shocked that this is my first post about Rock Bottom in the five months I’ve had the blog.  I love this place!

Rock Bottom is family friendly and we all love the menu.  The kids like the “Make Your Own Pizza” and “Build Your Own Sundae” options.  The Chicken Fried Chicken is my favorite dish, and they have great pizzas and wings.

Of course, the main reason to go to Rock Bottom is the beer, hand-crafted by medal winning brewer, Geoff Lively.  I’ve had Rock Bottom’s year-round standard house beers many times, so I always try the seasonal selections when I visit.  Velvet IPA was on tap on my recent visit – what luck!

The mouth-feel of this beer is unlike any beer I’ve ever had.  It’s smooth, soft, full – and velvety.  Combine that with a delicious hop flavor and incredible hop aroma, and you’ve got a truly outstanding beer.

On tap in December: 13th Anniversary Ale and Atom Smasher…anyone want to grab a beer with me at Rock Bottom!?

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