Watch City Brewing Company

We visited Watch City Brewing Company during our Christmas vacation to Massachusetts.  Beth and I left the kids with the grandparents and made the 30 minute drive from Carlisle to Waltham on December 27.

The brewpub has been open since 1996 – a nice long 13 year run, which says something about the quality of their beer.  We’ve been four times since our first visit in 2001 and loved it every time.  It had been almost three years since our last visit and the beer was just as excellent as I remember.  They had eight beers on tap and I ordered the ample four beer sampler (no puny glasses here), which included:

  • Hops Explosion IPA, an excellent and tasty IPA.  I ordered a separate pint of this one.
  • MonkeyMonk Saison, a strong and spicy Belgian farmhouse ale (7.4% ABV)
  • Old Man Winter Ale, brewed with toasted coconut, cocoa nibs and vanilla
  • SplinterCat Schwarzbier, a smooth German black Pilsner, an excellent session beer at 4.7%

The whole experience at Watch City Brewing Company was again fun and relaxing, with great beer at hand.  I can’t wait to get back.  Despite the urgings of our earnest and beer-educated server, I passed on a take home growler, though now I wonder why!

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