Tuppers’ Hop Pocket Ale

Tuppers’ Hop Pocket Ale is back! If you don’t know the story behind Tuppers’ Hop Pocket Ale, read Greg Kitsock’s excellent column from the Washington Post.

It had been more than two years since my last Tuppers’ Ale and I missed it. After reading Kitsock’s column, I rushed out to buy some and I found a four-pack at the Whole Foods Market in Arlington, VA.

The beer was just as I remembered: ruby-orange in color, citrusy hop aroma, strong hop bitterness, and well-balanced.  After going without this delicious beer for a while, I need to make up for lost time and I plan to buy more Tuppers’ soon. But I won’t be drinking it as much as I used to – not at $9.99 a four-pack! What happened to the six-pack? It’s a great beer, but I don’t think it should be priced the same as an elite brew like Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA.

Tuppers’ Hop Pocket Ale is now being brewed by the St. George Brewing Company in Hampton, VA.

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