Colonial Beer Tasting

Colonial Beer TastingTaking a break from my guide to Maine beers…

Inspired by Greg Kitsock’s beer column in the July 21 edition of the Washington Post, I put together a Colonial Beer Tasting with a six-pack of singles from Total Wine and More in McLean, Virginia.

Kitsock’s column, “What the colonists might have quaffed,” described the Ales of the Revolution from Yards Brewing Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The ales are an attempt to recreate brews of the revolutionary period, and the column is a fascinating history lesson on the beer drank by our forefathers.

My Colonial Beer Tasting included the Ales of the Revolution plus another Yards brew:

  • General Washington’s Tavern Porter, a rich, dark Porter originally brewed by Washington to satisfy the thirsts of his field officers.
  • Thomas Jefferson’s Tavern Ale, a strong golden ale brewed with ingredients that would have been available at Monticello.
  • Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce Ale, a light beer brewed with spruce tips and molasses for a unique flavor.
  • Yards IPA, an excellent and hefty IPA at 8% ABV and 70 IBUs.

I completed my Colonial Beer Tasting with two beers from Williamsburg AleWerks in Williamsburg, Virginia.

  • Washington’s Porter, a dark, comforting Porter meant to recreate an American Porter from colonial times.
  • Wheat Ale, a refreshing American Wheat Ale.

As I sampled these beers, I imagined the founders of our country sitting in a colonial tavern debating the issues of the day over a pint. I love history, but I like it even better with a beer!

Coming soon: the final wrap-up from my Maine beer adventures — the best-of-the-rest from my summer vacation in Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor.

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