Downtown Los Angeles Beer Scene (2010 ASAE Annual Meeting, Part 1)

View of downtown Los Angeles, California at night.

LA Live and Downtown LA, Photo by Steve Jurveston, Used with permission under Creative Commons license

To avoid a really long post, I’ve divided my 2010 ASAE Annual Meeting beer-drinking experience into two parts. Part 1 will focus on local brew pubs and beer bars in and around downtown LA.

Weiland Brewery Restaurant Underground
It didn’t take me long to find a hoppy west coast IPA upon arriving in Los Angeles for the 2010 ASAE Annual Meeting on Friday, August 20. I had done some homework before the trip, and I found a few places around my hotel that I wanted to explore. So after checking into the Sheraton Downtown, I walked two blocks north to Weiland Brewery Restaurant Underground.  This place was in an unfortunate location – in an underground mall/food court right across from a McDonalds. I had my doubts as I walked into the place and saw the huge wall of liquor bottles behind the bar. Was this place serious about the beer?

Yes – the IPA was excellent, a perfect remedy for the cross-country flight from Baltimore. The longer I stayed, the more I enjoyed it, as the mall/food court outside the doors faded away. The bartender was friendly, knowledgeable about the beers, and he pointed me to a couple of other places in the area that I might like. Some locals came in to visit with him, and I was welcomed into the conversation.  The vibe was so relaxed, I took the time to try the house Hefeweizen and a Brown Ale from Bear Republic, called Peter Brown Tribute Ale.

Engine Co. No. 28
I met a group for dinner at Engine Co. No. 28 where I found Firestone Walker DBA (Double Barrel Ale) and Fireman’s Blonde, a Pilsner that is brewed by Fireman’s Brew in California. Thanks to Bruce, Susanne, Keith, Brad, and the rest of the CSC crew for a fun dinner.

Yard House LA

Taps at the Yard House LA, Picture Taken with Blackberry

I tweeted on August 20: #ASAE10 is dangerously close to the Yard House LA, where I’m enjoying happy hour and an Alaskan IPA. Don’t find many Alaskan beers in DC!

I love the Yard House! How can you not love a place that has 150 beers on draft? The LA Yard House was located in LA Live, a huge complex anchored by the Staples Center, so it was a lively spot with a fun atmosphere. I loved the beer menu, and the hunt for beers that I can’t get back east around DC, such as:

I visited the Yard House on three separate occasions, and enjoyed raising a pint with Todd, Kerri, David, Carrie, Cecilia, Kim, Frank, and Karen!

Spring Street Smokehouse
The bartender at Weiland Brewery Restaurant Underground told me about a BBQ place that had a great selection of California craft beer, and when I had a free afternoon, I cabbed over to Spring Street Smokehouse. I’m glad that I made the effort to check it out. I couldn’t describe it any better than my tweet from the visit:

Killing time with a Racer 5 IPA from Bear Republic at Spring Street Smokehouse in Chinatown LA-awesome BBQ, friendly locals, CA brew #asae10

The clean, crisp Scrimshaw Pilsner from North Coast Brewing Company was the perfect beer to have with my smoky and spicy beef brisket.

Finally, one night I had dinner at Bottega Louie, a hip Italian restaurant a block from my hotel. Chimay Blue was my beer of choice with dinner, and despite all of the California beers I tried during my visit, Chimay Blue may have been the best beer I had in downtown LA.

6 responses to “Downtown Los Angeles Beer Scene (2010 ASAE Annual Meeting, Part 1)

    • Thanks, Sam. Bottega Louie is not quite my scene either, but I had a work dinner, so I made the most of it with the amazing Chimay Blue, the best calamari I’ve ever had, and some kick-a** meatball sliders.

  1. It was so good to meet you at #asae10. I hope you’re enjoying the dc-beer list. I’m very disappointed in myself for not getting out and doing my usual beer-hunting thing. I guess I’m out of practice. Need to find my beer mojo again. Looking forward to Part 2!

    • Great to meet you Deirdre, and thanks for the RT about my blog post. Meet me in St. Louie and we’ll do some beer hunting.

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