Magic Hat Night of the Living Dead

My second fall 12 pack of the season was the Night of the Living Dead Variety 12-pak from Magic Hat Brewing Company (Burlington, VT). It included:

  • #9, Magic Hat’s flagship beer, a Pale Ale with apricot flavor
  • HI.P.A, a delicious, hoppy IPA with great stats – 6.7% ABV and 70 IBU. My kind of beer!
  • Hex, Magic Hat’s “Ourtoberfest” (an amber ale)
  • Odd Notion, a Green Apple Wit that I’m still trying to figure out. According to Magic Hat, “Green Apple, Coriander and Orange Peel come together for one wicked Wit.” But I’m not so sure…

This was a solid fall 12 pack and I plan to get another before the season ends, mainly for the HI.P.A.

And I want to give that Green Apple Wit another chance!

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