The Three Brewers (Les 3 Brasseurs)

Part 4 of my trip log for our 2010 Visit to Canada:

Poutine is my new favorite pub grub! I discovered Poutine on my recent trip to Canada and I’ve been craving it ever since. Poutine is a dish of French Fries topped with fresh cheese curds and covered with brown gravy. To give you a picture of this awesome plate of deliciousness, I’m providing this link to a Google image search of Poutine. But be forewarned, when you search for images of Poutine, Google also returns images of the less appetizing Vladimir Putin.

Poutine is most popular in Quebec, but we tried a plate at The Three Brewers (Les 3 Brasseurs) in Toronto. After a morning touring Toronto on the top deck of an open-air double-decker bus, including lengthy stops at Casa Loma and the Royal Ontario Museum, we walked to The Three Brewers for a late lunch. (See below for the pics from our morning tours.)

Three Brewers is in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Toronto. It’s on Yonge Street near Dundas Square (think Times Square), across from the Eaton Centre (huge shopping mall). We got a table near large windows opening to the street, and enjoyed watching the busy street scene.

I loved The Three Brewers’ Poutine, and the beer was good too. I ordered a sampler rack, which came with five house-brewed beers:

  • White
  • Blonde
  • Amber
  • Brown
  • Green

You read the last one right – Green Ale, which I think was an English Pale Ale. The Green was the best of an uninspired line-up of brews.

So the beer wasn’t great…but you know what, it’s not always about the actual beer itself. Sometimes it’s about the time and place, and the people you’re with. After a long morning of touring Toronto, we needed a place to rest, good pub grub, and a beer! And The Three Brewers gave us just what we needed.

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