Starr Hill Box Set

Wow. It’s been a while since we last heard from the Boa Beer Blog. And it hasn’t been from a shortage of beers, let me tell you.

Before we get too far into the winter beer season, I want to highlight one of my favorite fest beers of the fall season – Festie, brewed by Starr Hill Brewing Company (Charlottesville, VA)

Festie was included in the fall 2010 Starr Hill Box Set, which I picked up at Magruder’s in October. The box set included:

  • Amber Ale, a drinkable Irish Red Ale.
  • Northern Lights IPA, an American IPA that is described as “a deliciously crafted piece of the heavens.”
  • Dark Starr Stout, a dark brew that has won more national and international awards than any other Dry Irish Stout, according to Starr Hill.
  • Festie, a rich and malty Oktoberfest lager. Little known fact about Festie: the name not only invokes the tradition of Oktoberfest but it also pays homage to the end of the summer music festival season (according to the label).

The Starr Hill Box Set offered an excellent mix of beers, from the sessionable Amber and Festie, to the solid IPA, rounded out by the special Stout. As I reminisce, I wish the Box Set was still on the shelves. Not to worry, I saw a new Starr Hill mix pack in the store a few days ago, and it features The Gift, Starr Hill’s holiday offering.

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