Saranac 12 Beers of Winter 2010

Around this time every year, I’m on lookout for the Saranac 12 Beers of Winter mix pack. It’s one of my favorite holiday traditions, and I recently finished off a case.

The 2010 line-up included:

  • Saranac India Copper Ale, a Strong Brown Ale (6.0%) NEW
  • Saranac Lake Effect Lager, an amber German Lager (5.95%) NEW
  • Saranac Rye IPA, “an IPA with a wry twist” (5.95%)
  • Saranac Big Moose Ale, an American Pale Ale (5.3%)
  • Saranac Vanilla Stout, a Sweet Stout (4.8%)
  • Saranac Bohemian Pilsener, a crisp Pilsener (4.8%)

According to the Saranac web site, the 12-pack includes “a few past favorites, a few recent favorites, and two brand new beers.” I wouldn’t call any of these beers “favorites” but they were all drinkable enough. The Lake Effect Lager, a smooth malty brew, was the best of the 12-pack.

The Matt Brewing Company in Utica, New York brews the Saranac line of beers.

The beer I am drinking as I write this blog: Harpoon IPA, Harpoon Brewery, Boston, MA.

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