Gordon Biersch Winter Variety Pack

It’s the dead of winter in Washington, D.C. The overnight lows were in the single digits. The high temperature today didn’t get above freezing. Sounds like perfect weather for the Gordon Biersch Winter Variety Pack!

The mixed 12-pack included:

  • Czech Style Pilsner, a crisp golden lager
  • Märzen, a smooth fest beer
  • Blonde Bock, a rich malty lager
  • Winter Bock, a Bavarian-style dark double bock lager

The Winter Bock is clearly the star of this show, and well worth the price of admission. Sure, the Pils and Märzen are solid session beers, and the Blonde Bock is a nice change of pace. But the Winter Bock anchors this 12-pack with its full body and complex flavor. This smooth double bock, or Doppelbock, clocks in at 7.5%, but the alcohol is well-hidden. The style has a cool history — Doppelbocks traditionally served as “liquid bread” for Bavarian monks during times of fasting, when solid food was not allowed.

I picked up this variety pack at the Harris Teeter in Arlington, Virginia. I also enjoyed the Winter Bock on draft at the Gordon Biersch in the Town Square in Rockville, Maryland.

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