Heavy Seas Sunken Sampler

Continuing my post-a-day pace as I try to catch up on a back-log of great beer (third day in a row!)…

Being a native Marylander, I am partial to Maryland beer and Clipper City Brewing Company has always been one of my favorite breweries. I recently brought home their mixed 12-pack, the Heavy Seas Sunken Sampler, which included:

  • Loose Cannon (7.3%), nicknamed Hop3 (hop-cubed) ale, named for the the enormous amount of hops in this beer and because the beer is hopped 3 ways – in the kettle, in the hop back, and dry hopped.  I love this beer and drink it on draft whenever I go to the Royal Mile Pub in Wheaton.
  • Small Craft Warning Über Pils (7%), a strong and tasty Pilsner
  • Classic Lager (5%), a straight-forward drinkable German-style Lager
  • rzen (5.8%),  formerly known as Clipper City MärzHon, this award-winning brew is a classic Märzen style lager

As you can see, I enjoyed my bottle of Loose Cannon in my Heavy Seas souvenir pint glass that I got when we went on a tour of the Clipper City brewery – a highly recommended experience.

What I really liked about this mixed pack is that it came with two strong beers and two session beers – perfect for a weekend of watching NFL playoff games in mid-January.

After visiting HeavySeasBeer.com, I added a new item to my beer to-do list: find a six-pack of Heavy Seas Black Cannon, a Black IPA!

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