Sam Adams Summer Styles 2011

I interrupt my 2011 Spring Break trip report for a post about the 2011 Sam Adams Summer Styles mixed 12-pack.

I get excited when I first see the Sam Adams Summer Styles 12-pack at the beer store because it tells me that the weather is getting warmer and the summer beer drinking season is here!

Another cool thing about the Sam Adams summer 12-pack is that they often include new beers.  Latitude 48, the new Sam Adams IPA, was first released in the 2010 summer 12-pack.  In 2011, the Boston Beer Company debuts two new beers only available in the summer 12-pack.

The 2011 Sam Adams Summer Styles mixed 12-pack features:

  • Boston Lager
  • Light
  • Summer Ale
  • Latitude 48
  • East-West Kölsch (new)
  • Rustic Saison (new)

East-West Kölsch is Sam Adams’ unique interpretation of a classic German style. Complex and refreshing with citrusy Alsatian hops and Southeast Asian Jasmine Sambac for a delicate floral flavor. Kölsch isn’t one of my favorite styles – these beers are usually a bit too light and pedestrian for my taste. But sometimes a Kölsch is just what I want, and I could see myself drinking several Sam Adams Kölsch on a hot summer afternoon. I hope they start selling this one by the six-pack.

Rustic Saison is Sam Adams’ take on a Belgian farmhouse style. Incredibly complex and unique with floral, fruity, and estery flavors layered with citrusy hops and a slightly sweet herbal note. I love Saisons – these brews are fruity, spicy, and refreshing, and the Sam Adams Saison is excellent.

My fridge will be stocked with the Sam Adams summer 12-pack this summer. This just might be the perfect mixed 12-pack for a summer weekend!

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