Red Brick Station Restaurant & Brew Pub (MD Brewpub Summer Tour 2011)

Continuing my Maryland Brewpub Summer Tour 2011…

Part 4: Red Brick Station Restaurant & Brew Pub, White Marsh, Maryland

When Visited: July 16, 2011

Occasion: RV shopping. After our last tent camping trip, we started to think about getting an RV, so we went to an RV dealer north of Baltimore to check them out. The RV dealer was near White Marsh, which was the perfect opportunity to finally visit Red Brick Station. I’ve enjoyed their beer at beer festivals, but never had the chance to visit the brewpub.

Beers Sampled: I ordered the sampler, which came with five year-round house beers and two seasonals:

  • Honeygo Light, a light-bodied ale that is perfect for newcomers to craft beer, AKA many White Marsh shoppers (3.6%)
  • Avenue Ale, a light Golden Ale (4.1%)
  • Something Red, a deep-red, malty brew (5.0%)
  • Daily Crisis IPA, a traditional English-style IPA (6.1%)
  • Spooner’s Stout, a traditional dry Irish Stout (4.5%)
  • Blueberry Ale, has a very light blueberry flavor, served with blueberries in the glass
  • German Ale, a traditional German Alt

Best Beer:  Daily Crisis IPA stood out, but of course I’m partial to IPAs. According to the web site, Daily Crisis IPA is “named after our friends at the Daily Crisis Dairy Farm here in Baltimore County, Maryland.”

I was most impressed with: The session beers. We went to Red Brick Station for lunch, so I was glad they offered several lower-alcohol brews on the beer menu. The food and service were good too.  This will be a must-stop if I’m ever shopping around White Marsh again!

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