Williamsburg AleWerks

I’m a big fan of mixed 12-packs because they are a great way to try a range of beers from a particular brewery. One of my latest mixed 12-packs was the WerksPack from Williamsburg AleWerks (Williamsburg, Virginia). I found this 12-pack at Corridor Wine and Spirits in Laurel, Maryland. The 12-pack included two bottles of six different beers, including:

  • Washington’s Porter, a dark brown, malty American Porter
  • Chesapeake Pale Ale, an approachable American Pale Ale,
  • Wheat Ale, an American-style Wheat, unfiltered and refreshing
  • Drake Tail IPA, an excellent American IPA
  • Tavern Ale, a flavorful American Brown Ale
  • Red Marker Ale, a drinkable American Red Ale

All of the beers were decent, and the IPA was extremely good. Williamsburg AleWerks offers tours and tastings and I definitely plan to visit the brewery the next time I’m in Williamsburg.

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