Morgan Street Brewery (2011 Trip to St. Louis, Part 2)

I’m recounting my visit to St. Louis for the 2011 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition — part 2 of my trip report is about my visit to Morgan Street Brewery.

After lunch at Square One Brewery & Distillery, I returned to my home base at the Drury Inn and Suites and then walked across the street to meet a group for dinner at Morgan Street Brewery.

This brewpub was founded in 1995 in one of the oldest buildings in historic Laclede’s Landing, which is an entertainment and dining district on St. Louis’ riverfront. There are a lot of options for going out at the Landing, and Morgan Street Brewery is the perfect starting point for a fun night out (let me tell you).

I ordered the five-beer sampler at Morgan Street Brewery:

  • Red Lager, a Vienna-style Lager
  • Honey Wheat, an unfiltered light Lager with a touch of honey
  • Cobblestone Steam Lager, a crisp lager; similar to a Pale Ale
  • Krystal, a clean, light lager
  • Irish Stout, a classic dry Stout; smooth coffee flavor

I organized the dinner at Morgan Street Brewery for a group of about a dozen colleagues, and when I made the reservation, I was asked if my group would be interested in a tour of the brewery. We took them up on the offer! While waiting for dinner, and with a beer in hand, we were treated to a guided tour of the brewery by one of the brewers.

The most refined tastes, particularly those who favor ales and heartier brews, may not find what they are looking for at Morgan Street Brewery. But don’t let that deter you from a visit there. The service, pizzas, historic brick building, and earnest brewing made me glad that I had Morgan Street Brewing in my Guide to Finding Good Beer at the 2011 ASAE Annual Meeting in St. Louis!

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