So Many Beers, So Little Time

In 2011 I added 67 new posts to the Boa Beer Blog, or a little better than fives posts per month. And I’m way behind! As I look at my running list of potential blog topics, I see more than 20 beer experiences that should be logged. So I’m going to write a catch-up post and pull in a bunch of 2011 brews who deserve a rightful place at the Boa Beer Blog table.

Random Beer Tasting headlined by Dogfish Head

A trip to Total Wine in McLean, Virgina resulted in a random beer tasting with several Dogfish Head brews that I was trying for the first time. I’m a big fan of Dogfish Head (DE) so this was a favorite 2011 beer moment. The tasting included:

  • Saison du BUFF, a collaboration between Dogfish Head, Stone Brewing Co. and Victory Brewing Company (6.0%). ‘Nuff said.
  • Miles Davis Bitches Brew, a unique dark beer with an interesting story as described on the Dogfish Head web site (9.0%).
  • Burton Baton, an “oak-aged gentle giant” that is a blend of a an English-style old ale and an imperial IPA (10.0%).




This was an interesting four-beer tasting:

  • Humming Ale, Anchor Brewing Company (CA), a summer release from Anchor (5.9%).
  • Imperial Porter, Southampton Publick House (NY), a robust Black Ale
  • Yakima Glory Ale, Victory Brewing Company (PA), a well-balanced Double IPA (8.7%)
  • Organic Imperial Brown Ale, Bison Brewing (CA), a strong Brown Ale at 7.0%






Old Dominion Brewing Company

Old Dominion Brewing Company (DE) beers were on sale at Magruder’s, so I picked up a couple of cases of mixed six packs, including:

  • Oak Barrel Stout
  • Dominion Lager
  • Dominion Ale
  • Big Thaw Bock
  • Hop Mountain Pale Ale
  • Millennium Ale



Another Random Beer Tasting

Another random big beer tasting in 2011 featured:

Southern Hemisphere Harvest, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
“a beer with fresh-picked hops from the southern hemisphere”

Coffee Stout, Long Trail Brewing Company (8.0%),
available as part of the limited release styles brewed in small batches.

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