Leinenkugel’s Winter Sampler Pack

Despite the early spring beer releases, I’m still sampling winter brew. My latest winter mixed 12-pack is Leinenkugel’s Winter Sampler Pack from Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

The 12-pack of Leinies includes three beers each of:

  • Honey Weiss, a light beer brewed with Wisconsin honey (4.8%)
  • Classic Amber, a sessionable lager (4.9%)
  • Fireside Nut Brown, “has a comforting approachability you don’t experience in traditional English-style nut browns.” Leinenkugel’s winter seasonal is not your typical strong winter ale at 4.9%.
  • Creamy Dark, a smooth Lager that has won seven awards in the Dark Lager category (4.9%).

The Fireside Nut Brown and Creamy Dark were the best of the 12-pack. While the beers seemed a bit thin overall, you have to admire the low ABV and drinkability of this 12-pack.

Leinenkugel Brewing Company was founded in 1867 and is now owned by MillerCoors. I don’t buy Leinies often though I enjoy the Sunset Wheat during the summer when the hot weather calls for a refreshing easy-drinker.

Speaking of warmer weather, as soon as it warms up I want to visit the Leinenkugel Beer Garden in Baltimore. It is located at the entrance of Power Plant Live in a glass pavilion with a retractable roof, and has an outdoor beer garden. There are 30 beers on tap, including Leinies and local craft beer. The menu of appetizers and small plates is simply mouth-watering – Wisconsin Fried Cheese Bites, anyone?

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