Sam Adams Summer Styles 2012

It’s been a while…Spring Break, a Caribbean cruise, and the Stanley Cup Playoffs have kept me away from the blog, but they haven’t kept me away from the beer. After a short vacation from these pages, I return with a bunch of new beer experiences to share. So I better start cranking ’em out…

First up, another Rite of Spring: Sam Adams Summer Styles variety 12-pack.

One of my favorite things about the Boston Beer Company is that they are always introducing new beers. Again in 2012, Summer Styles feature a new Sam Adams brew that is only available in this mixed 12-pack.

The 2012 Sam Adams Summer Styles 12-pack includes:

  • Boston Lager
  • Summer Ale
  • Cherry Wheat
  • Noble Pils
  • East-West Kölsch
  • Belgian Session (new)

The Belgian Session was the Beer of the Month in the April 2012 issue of the Boston Beer Company’s monthly e-newsletter, “What’s On Tap.” As described in the e-newsletter: Our Samuel Adams Belgian Session takes on traits from two brewing styles—Belgian and Session. Our base beer is most similar to a Belgian pale ale…Balance is key to this style with a mix of light malt notes and a subtle hop bitterness. A top-fermenting Belgian yeast is used to impart the traditional fruity and spicy Belgian character…Weighing in at 4.3% ABV, the session aspect of this beer speaks to its light body. A session beer is one that’s brewed to be lower in alcohol and enjoyed over a period of time (during a drinking session). No one flavor character or ingredient dominates.

We wanted our Belgian Session to be enjoyed during long summer days, and nights. Its light, crisp, refreshing character makes it perfect to while away those long afternoons.

In addition to the Belgian Session, the 2012 Summer Styles 12-pack has a few different brews from the 2011 version. Out from last year’s 12-pack: Rustic Saison, Latitude 48 IPA, Sam Light. New in 2012: Belgian Session, Cherry Wheat, Noble Pils. Holdovers: East-West Kölsch, Boston Lager, Summer Ale. I say bring back the the light and IPA and deep-six the Cherry Wheat and Noble Pils.

We’ve already put away a few cases of the Summer Styles 12-pack, with the most memorable consumed during our first weekend camping trip of 2012. We spent the last weekend in March camping in beautiful, rustic, and historic Harpers Ferry, West Virginia with friends and fellow craft beer enthusiasts. Shout out to Monroe – thanks for bringing the mixed 12-pack from Great Lakes Brewing Company (Cleveland, Ohio).

By the way, if you don’t already subscribe to the Boston Beer Co. monthly e-news, give it a try so you can get the scoop on new Sam brews coming out, like Porch Rocker (a traditional Bavarian Style Radler). Sign up here!

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