Magic Hat Spring Fever Mix

I’ve got Spring Fever!

And not just the weather kind.

I’ve got the beer kind – the Magic Hat Spring Fever Mix.

The spring seasonal mixed 12-pack from Magic Hat Brewing Company (South Burlington, VT) includes:

  • #9, a Pale Ale with apricot extract (5.1%)
  • Demo, a Black IPA (6.0%)
  • + / – , yes, that’s really the name of this beer, which is a dark mild (4.2%). Just call it plus/minus.
  • Vinyl, a “Scrumptious Spring Lager” with a trippy video – check it out below! (5.1%)



Think that’s weird? Check out Magic Hat’s description of this 12-pack:

As temperatures rise, the fever follows. A portable celebration of unbridled vernal joy, this thawing mixer serves to stir you from winter slumber. Listen as the Rockin’ Robin sings spring into all things… Ca-Caw! Ca-Caw!

These guys are strange, but I love their beer!

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