Starr Hill Road Show

The third of my three-posts-in-three-four-days report on fall 12-packs…

Last up: Starr Hill Road Show

I really like the brew coming out of Starr Hill Brewing Company in Charlottesville, Virginia. And the Road Show 12-pack is a tour through four of Starr Hill’s best offerings.

  • Northern Lights IPA, in a play on the name, Starr Hill describes this American IPA as a deliciously crafted piece of the heavens (6.5%)
  • Festie, this rich and malty brew is one of my favorite fall Festbiers – its sessionable at 4.8% ABV.
  • Boxcar Pumpkin Porter, an English-style Brown Porter with pumpkin added to the mash. Another session brew at 4.7% ABV.
  • Double Platinum, this Imperial IPA is dry-hopped with Simcoe and Centennial hops to achieve a strong aroma of citrus and pine, balanced by a smooth, malty backbone. (8.6%)

The Road Show offers a nice mix of session beers and stronger ales, but the big star is Double Platinum. While watching the Ravens game last week in the backroom beer bar, I did a head-to-head tasting of Double Platinum vs. Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA. Now 90 Minute is widely considered to be one of the best beers being brewed today but I have to tell you, Double Platinum held its own. And in this 12-pack you get three of them!!

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