Social Kitchen & Brewery (2012 Trip to San Francisco, Part 2)

Continuing my beer travelogue of my late summer trip to San Francisco…

After an early dinner at Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant, we went back to Martino and Lana’s house to plan our next move. It was Saturday night in San Francisco and I was facing an avalanche of business meetings beginning on Tuesday. So I wanted to maximize my free time and find a second local brewpub to explore before calling it a day. We settled on Social Kitchen & Brewery (SKB).

After a quick call to the brewpub to make sure they were showing the Giants’ game, we zipped over. SKB is located in the heart of the Inner Sunset commercial district at 9th Avenue and Irving Street. It’s a busy neighborhood of bars, restaurants, and shops just a block from Golden Gate Park. Very nice vibe.

The brewpub is long and narrow, with a long curved bar on one side and a row of tables on the other. We grabbed a four-top near the door with a good view of the flat screen behind the bar. The service was prompt, and I ordered a sampler so I could try all of their beers. The menu:

The Rapscallion was my favorite, and I liked the mix of Belgian, English, German, and American styles on the menu. We didn’t have a chance to try the food, but the menu looked great, and I’ll plan to return for Pork Belly Sliders to go along with the fresh hand-crafted beer.

We left SKB and finished the night at McKenzie’s, a dive bar where Martino’s son works the wood. We drank Lagunitas, shot pool, fed the jukebox, and mingled with a cast of eccentric locals. It was quite a scene!

Our San Francisco hosts treated us to a great first day in my favorite city. And tomorrow would only get better!

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