The Overlooked Beers of 2012 (Part 2)

Continuing my list of the blog-worthy beers from last year that didn’t make it into a regular blog post – the (almost) overlooked beers of 2012.

I’ll kick-off Part 2 with the best brewpub not to have its own blog post in 2012: Haymarket Pub and Brewery in Chicago. I had an awesome visit to Haymarket during a business trip in October 2012. Haymarket had an amazing selection of both house beers and guest taps. The place was loud and crowded but friendly, and I heard a funny quote at the bar that night:

One bartender to another: “We gotta lot of beer geeks in here tonight – no one is drinking the Pilsner.”

Haymarket draws a fun beer-loving crowd who are served by top-notch bartenders. I’ll be back.

Haymarket Pub and Brewery

Samuel Adams Hop Tour

I took the official Samuel Adams Hop Tour through their mixed 6-pack above…

…and the unofficial Sierra Nevada Hop Tour through the custom-built flight of beers below. What a line-up!

Sierra Nevada Hop Tour

Lake Front Brewery Variety 8-Pack

Lake Front Brewery Variety 8-Pack

I’ve had plenty of variety 6-packs and variety 12-packs, but never a variety 8-pack until this mixed box from Lake Front Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Cans from Atwater Brewery and Blue Blood Brewing Company

Beer of the Month Club – September 2012

Atwater Brewery from Detroit, MI and Blue Blood Brewing Company from Lincoln, NE


Coastal Fog and Thomas Hooker

Beer of the Month Club – October 2012

Coastal Fog Brewing from Concord, CA and Thomas Hooker Brewing Company from Hartford, CT


The Beer of the Month Club was one of my beer highlights of 2012. I loved getting beer delivered directly to my door. I enjoyed a two-month gift subscription in early 2012 and a four-month gift subscription in late 2012. Both gifts were from professional colleagues, and I’m eternally grateful. As I said in my Very Beery Christmas post, anyone who knows me knows that a gift related to beer is one that I’ll enjoy!

It’s also cool when you can drink a beer at home in its proper pint glass. And here’s my Coastal Fog brew in the Coastal Fog pint glass that Beth brought back from a trip to California and a visit to Tied House Brewery. Enjoyed on a sunny October Saturday.

Coastal Fog Brewing

Finally, I’ll end with one of the five Barleywines that I sampled in 2012 – Heavy Seas Below Decks Barleywine from Baltimore, MD. I don’t know why I only had a few Barleywines last year but I’m going to make up for it in 2013 by attending the Mad Fox 3rd Annual Barleywine Festival, February 23-24. As of this post, they have 30 Barleywines already on hand!

Heavy Seas Below Decks Barleywine

To Be Continued…

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