Blue Point Brewing Company

Another entry in my occasional series of posts about variety 12-packs…

Craft Variety 12-Pack from Blue Point Brewing Company, Patchogue, New York

Blue Point Brewing Company

Where I found it: The New England Beverage Company in Orange, CT during our post-Christmas trip to Connecticut. I brought this 12-pack home to Maryland and we enjoyed it during an NFL playoff weekend in January.

Beers: Three bottles of four different beers:

  • Toasted Lager (5.5%), Blue Point’s flagship brew is a smooth easy-drinker
  • Hoptical Illusion (6.8%), this American-style IPA features a rare hop grown exclusively for Blue Point on a small farm in Oregon. Brewed with a generous amount of this select hop that’s added five different ways for maximum hop flavor.
  • Blueberry Ale (4.6%), each batch of this delicious Golden Ale is brewed with 732 pounds of fresh, handpicked USA Northern Highbush Blueberries.
  • Winter Ale (7%), this winter warmer is a hearty and robust Amber Ale

Best Beer: Easy – Hoptical Illusion. Of course Beth would have said the Blueberry Ale, and the Winter Ale was excellent too. But Blue Point’s IPA is one of my favorite IPAs – great hop character and an amazing label!

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