Harpoon Summer Vacation 2013

Now that we’re past Memorial Day and the summer beer drinking season is officially here, I’ll take a tour through all of the summer variety 12-packs that I’ve been sampling.

Today’s featured 12-pack: Harpoon Summer Vacation 2013

Harpoon Summer Vacation 2013

The weather in the DMV is finally cooperating with the summer beer drinking season. Sort of. According to my favorite local weather service, the Capital Weather Gang, today “wasn’t the healthiest day to be outdoors, with high UV, high pollen levels, and bad air quality.  The hot, partly sunny weather had a lot to do with all of this, and we get another dose of it Friday.”

So maybe it’s not your ideal summer weather, but it definitely calls for a beer!

The next stop on my summer beer tour is the Summer Vacation Mix 12-pack from Harpoon Brewery. This 12-pack offers a nice variety of Harpoon mainstays and seasonal beers:

  • Midsummer Fling (new), I found my new favorite summer seasonal! According to Harpoon, “Midsummer Fling most closely resembles an English Country Ale, but it’s much more than that. A citrusy and herbal aroma is unmistakably seasonal – sessionable and refreshing, it’s the perfect complement to the long days and carefree nights of Summer. Midsummer Fling features a bright golden color, light mouthfeel, and citrusy aromas and flavors derived from the combination of Citra hops, elderflower, and lemongrass. The use of an old Scottish malt called Golden Promise helps produce a clean base that allows those herbal notes to shine, and, at 4.7% ABV, it is truly a beer brewed for summer sessions.”

    I would buy this one in the six-pack, but it is a limited edition summer vacation exclusive.

  • IPA, Harpoon’s best selling beer is one of my favorite session IPAs (5.9%)
  • UFO White, a refreshing and traditional American White Ale (4.8%)
  • Summer Beer, a Kölsch style ale that is light and clean, perfect for summer (5.0%)

I found the Harpoon Summer Vacation 12-pack on the beer shelves at the Harris Teeter in Arlington. This is a solid 12-pack. No weak links here.

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