Magic Hat Summer Scene 2013

The final stop on my tour of summer variety 12-packs: Magic Hat Summer Scene

Magic Hat Summer Scene 2013

You can always count on Magic Hat Brewing Company to deliver the unexpected. The unconventional brewery from Burlington, Vermont has turned out another brew with unusual ingredients as part of the Summer Scene variety 12-pack. A year after introducing a summer beer brewed with dandelion petals, Magic Hat offers an elixir brewed with hibiscus and cucumber. That’s right, I said cucumber.

New on the summer scene is HiCü, or potable poetry, as Magic Hat calls it. And they wrote a haiku to describe it:

Cool cucumber notes
A hibiscus tang to please
And smooth malt body.

Definitely not your typical beer, but it works. You just gotta get past that first surprising sip. Drinkable at 4.2% ABV. And I love the artwork on the label.

The variety 12-pack also included three repeats from 2012:

  • Elder Betty, a weiss-style ale complemented by the tart flavors of elderberries (5.5%)
  • Blind Faith, a well-balanced English-style IPA from Magic Hat’s IPA on Tour series (6.2%)
  • #9, Magic Hat’s flagship beer, a Pale Ale with apricot flavor (5.1%)

Out in 2013: Pistil, the dandelion brew.

I found Magic Hat Summer Scene on the beer shelves at the Harris Teeter in Arlington.

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