2013 Samuel Adams LongShot Beers

Longshot American Homebrew Contest

After a quiet couple of weeks from the Boa Beer Blog, I’m back for one more post in the month of June. Where is the summer going!

As I ease back into the blog, I’ll highlight a recent six-pack: the 2013 Samuel Adams LongShot brews. I found the six-pack at Elbe’s Beer & Wine, the family-owned business that has been proudly serving Montgomery County residents since 1951. Elbe’s is an institution, and one I had strangely managed to avoid in the 10+ years I’ve lived in Kensington, despite being only two miles away. I have to thank my craft beer-drinking buddy Monroe for finally getting me to Elbe’s. After going to Elbe’s with Monroe and finding a great selection of local craft beer, I’ve been back a few times since.

The Samuel Adams LongShot variety pack includes two bottles each of:

  • Magnificent Seven (7.8%). Brewed by Zack Adams, CT. Zack and his friend Pat decided to create a brew loaded with their seven favorite hops.  A showcase of U.S. hop varieties and true to an Imperial American IPA,  this beer has a big grapefruit, pine & resinous notes.
  • Strawberry Lager (5.5%). Brewed by Dave Anderson, OH (Samuel Adams Employee). Dave wanted to created a refreshing summertime beer, something that he could enjoy after a round of golf on a hot day.  This lager has a bright and fresh strawberry character balanced with toffee and citrus notes.
  • Beer Flower Wheat (5.8). Brewed by James Schirmer, CA. With the hot summer months and fun gatherings in mind, James brewed an easy drinking wheat beer with an exotic kick. This beer is smooth and light with the delicate flavors of hibiscus.

The Longshot American Homebrew Contest is yet another reason that I admire the Boston Beer Company. Every year, the brewery invites homebrewers to enter their innovative and creative brews in the contest.  Three winning brews are chosen from among the entries and the winning homebrewers have their unique brews made available nationwide in the Samuel Adams LongShot variety six-pack.

Since I bought two six packs and had four beers of each style, I had ample opportunity to fully explore each unique and delicious brew. I loved all of these beers and wish I could get my hands on more!

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