Beer of the Week: Widmer Brothers Brewing

In this installment of the Beer of the Week series, we highlight Widmer Brothers Brewing from Portland, Oregon. This series is inspired by the weekly beer special at Magruder’s, my go-to DC beer store.

I usually buy one mixed case of the Beer of the Week, but when Widmer was on sale, I bought two cases because I wanted at least one six-pack of five different brews. And I’ve been a Widmer superfan since I attended their Explore Your Craft event last fall.

I filled my two cases with six-packs of:

  • O’Ryely IPA (6.4%), part of the Rotator IPA series, brewed with rye and New Zealand hops.
  • Hopside Down (6.7%), also part of the Rotator IPA series, this India Pale Lager is aggressively hopped and has the clean, crisp finish of a Lager.
  • Alchemy Ale (5.8%), love this description: We practice alchemy every day turning water, malt, hops and yeast into liquid gold. Alchemy Ale melds years of experimentation and our special Alchemy hop blend, in a pure expression of brewing art and science.
  • Citra Blonde Summer Brew (4.3%), this refreshing Golden Ale is brewed with Citra hops.
  • Hefeweizen (4.9%), Widmer’s flagship beer is an American-style Hefeweizen. “The beer that started it all.”


Widmer Brothers Brewing

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