Eastern Shore Brewery Round-Up: Tall Tales Brewing Company

Tall Tales Brewing Company logoIn honor of the 88th annual Chincoteague Pony Swim held this past Wednesday, I offer the Eastern Shore Brewery Round-Up – a four-post series highlighting breweries on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Part 3: Tall Tales.

I was on my way to Ocean City, Maryland for a weekend camping trip at Frontier Town. And there was a new Eastern Shore brewery on the route: Tall Tales Brewing Company. But as I passed the exit for Parsonsburg on Route 50, it was 2:00 p.m. and the Tasting Room didn’t open until 3:00. Bad timing, so we kept driving. If I only knew then what I know now…

I thought I missed my chance to try brews from Tall Tales. Until I walked in The Lazy River Saloon, the restaurant beside the Water Park in Frontier Town. The saloon had three local craft beers on tap – Burley Oak’s Rude Boy, which I mentioned in my last post, and two brews from Tall Tales.

I started with a pint of Apple Ale, a refreshing cider, before moving to the main event: Red Headed Step Child Irish Red. I love the “tall tale” from brewery: The story of the Red Headed Step Child varies. Known for being a troublemaker and free spirit the Red Headed Step Child is his own person. We have brewed an Irish Red styled beer that is incredibly smooth and full bodied. Just like the character, the beer does not yield to tradition. It’s just good.

Good indeed – this malty red was full of flavor!

As it turned out, the bartender at The Lazy River Saloon was a brewer at Tall Tales. He told me all about the new brewery and I told him how I didn’t have a chance to visit since the Tasting Room wasn’t open when I drove by. Silly me to pay attention to the Tasting Room hours posted on the web site – the brewer told me they welcome visitors whenever they are working in the brewery, which is most of the day.

No matter the time, the next time I am passing through Parsonsburg, I will stop by the brewery for a tasting and growler fills.

Loved Frontier Town…

Frontier Town Sunset

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