Marshall Wharf Brewing Company

It’s been an unbelievably busy August, but I am finally getting back to my Maine Beer Trip Report…

We spent our summer vacation based in Belfast, Maine, home of Marshall Wharf Brewing Company.

With Marshall Wharf, you get a two-fer. There is a brewery tasting room in an old building on the Belfast waterfront. And right next door is Three Tides restaurant, with 17 draft lines dedicated to Marshall Wharf beers.

We started in the tasting room and sampled the six brews listed on the chalk board:

Marshall Wharf Chalkboard

We left with growlers of Phil Brown Ale and Doppel Bock Lager, along with a four-pack of tall boy cans of Cant Dog, an Imperial Pale Ale.

Later during our vacation, we had an awesome dinner at Three Tides, where I enjoyed pints of Ace Hole Pale Ale, Danny McGovern’s Oatmeal Stout, and Toughcats IPA.

I’ve drank a lot of Maine brew over the years, and I’d put Marshall Wharf up there with the best of Maine’s breweries. I definitely will be back!

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