Crabs and Kellerbier at Gordon Biersch Rockville

Gordon Biersch BarrelChristian Layke, brewmaster at Gordon Biersch Rockville, did a great job of putting together another outstanding event – a Crabs and Kellerbier dinner to celebrate DC Beer Week.

As Christian described it in his invitation: Kellerbier is unfiltered lager. There is a small amount of yeast in suspension and often lower carbonation, resulting in lagerbier that is often richer in flavor.  Hoppy kellerbiers are hoppier than their filtered counterparts while malty Kellerbiers often have a softer and richer mouthfeel. But they are all crisp and refreshing — a perfect complement to sweet succulent crab meat and great foil to the salty spiciness of Old Bay seasoning.

The Beers and Dinner
I enjoyed 8 oz pours of Keller versions of:

  • American Hopped Lager
  • Czech Pilsener
  • Golden Export
  • Maerzen

Gordon Biersch Kellerbier line-up

The dinner included:

  • ½ dozen large hard-shell crabs
  • ear of steamed corn on the cob
  • cole slaw
  • hush puppies

Crabs and Kellerbier at Gordon Biersch

The crabs were served on the patio, and it was a beautiful day to sit outside picking crabs and drinking beer.

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