British Beer Dinner at Gordon Biersch Rockville

Gordon Biersch Growler

When Gordon Biersch Rockville brewmaster Christian Layke realized that he had four British-style beers in the brewery, he figured it was a sign that he should host a British-themed beer dinner.

The invitation:

Gordon Biersch Beer Dinner Invitation

The menu:

  • Aperitif – English Pale Ale served by beer engine.
  • Welsh Rarebit & Stilton Salad – Paired with Scottish 80 Shilling Ale.
  • Choice of Main Course – Fish & Chips, Cottage Pie or Bangers & Mash, served with roasted root vegetables and potatoes. Paired with ESB served by beer engine.
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding – Paired with Barleywine.

We have enjoyed several beer dinners at Gordon Biersch Rockville and once again, the food and beer pairings were excellent. My favorite course was dessert — I love a good Barleywine!

Christian brewed two of the beers in collaboration with local home brewers, and it was great to hear the home brewers talk passionately about their beer.

I filled my growler with one of the collaboration beers – the smooth and malty Scottish 80 Shilling Ale.

Who says that Gordon Biersch is just for German beer? On this night, the British beers almost out-numbered their German counterparts, as Christian poured two beers from beer engines set up in the dining room.

Gordon Biersch Hand Pumps

Can’t wait for the next Gordon Biersch Rockville event!

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