2013 Magic Hat Winterland Variety 12-Pak

Part 4 of my parade of winter 12-packs…

Magic Hat Winterland Variety 12-Pak

During this week’s polar vortex and the coldest temperatures in the DMV since 1996, I stayed warm with Magic Hat’s Winterland Variety 12-Pak.

The 2013 line-up included:

  • #9, Magic Hat’s flagship beer is a Pale Ale with apricot extract – a sessionable Pale with a twist (5.1%).
  • Encore, an American Wheat IPA, this nicely-hopped brew is a blend of an American wheat beer and a traditional India Pale Ale (6.4%).
  • Heart of Darkness, a smooth Stout (5.7%).
  • G-Thing!, a Ginger Spice Ale that tastes of gingerbread cookies (5.7%).

The hoppy Encore is reason enough to buy this 12-pack, but I was also happy to try a new winter seasonal, G-Thing!

I love Magic Hat’s stories about their beers. According to this wacky brewery, G-Thing! took shape from the wild ideas of the mind. He was brewed to life and grew to great heights by belief alone. G-Thing! wanders winter landscapes, leaving a trail of spice for those who seek its sweet reward. Believe in this thing. Make it so.

Great label too!

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