3 Stars Brewing Company (Winter 2013-14 DC Brew Tour)

3 Stars Brewery SignContinuing my Winter 2013-14 DC Brew Tour…

Part 6: 3 Stars Brewing Company, Washington, D.C.

When Visited: December 28, 2013

Occasion:  Nothing more than a lazy Saturday afternoon in December…I was battling cabin fever over the holidays and was thirsty for some locally-brewed craft beer, so I opened the Brewery Map app on my iPad and looked for a nearby pin. 3 Stars was a mere 7 miles away so I headed out with two empty growlers in hand.

3 Stars Brewery Map

Beers Sampled:

  • Nectar of the Bogs, a Saison brewed with cranberries (5.0%)
  • Samsquanch, a White IPA (5.8%)
  • The Movement, an American Pale Ale (5.9%)
  • Pandemic Porter, an American Imperial Porter (9.6%)

3 Stars Beer Whiteboard

This was my second visit to 3 Stars Brewing Company; on my first visit the beer menu was entirely different, and I was happy to see the new line-up since the brewery has a limited offering. After a quick round of samples, I filled my growlers with The Movement and Nectar of the Bogs and headed back home.

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