Sam Adams Spring Brews

According to the Capital Weather Gang, Today’s Daily Digit — a rating of the day’s weather in the DMV on a scale from 1 to 10  was a 1. “Cruel cold slaps us in the face yet again,” they said. Sounds like a good day to break out the Samuel Adams Spring Brews!

Samuel Adams Spring Brews

Appropriately enough, the star of this mixed 12-pack was Cold Snap, a complex interpretation of a traditional Belgian witbier style. Cold Snap is brewed with a signature spice blend that gives it a distinct and refreshing character. I liked this new brew so much that I bought a 12-pack of cans, and I’m planning to stock up on a few more 12-packs so I can take it to the pool this summer.

Other brews in this mixed 12-pack include:

  • NEW Escape Route, a hazy golden unfiltered Kölsch
  • Boston Lager, one of my favorite session beers
  • Irish Red, a Red Ale with a beautiful deep red color and smooth flavor
  • Maple Pecan Porter, brewed with New England maple syrup, this tasty brew has notes of pecan and a nutty finish
  • Whitewater IPA, a “hybrid of a hoppy IPA and a spicy white ale” with a “balance of American hops, apricots, and a crisp wheat character.”

On a day that the high temperature in the DMV was 20 degrees below the average high, drinking spring brew is a welcome sign – it means that spring is right around the corner!

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