A Year of Uinta

In my final nod to overlooked brews from 2013, I recount a Year of Uinta, when I rotated through all four seasons of mixed 12-packs from Uinta Brewing Company (Salt Lake City, Utah).

The Uinta Mix’r pack comes with four bottles of three different beers from their organic line. Two of the beers are year-round offerings: Baba, a Black Lager, and Wyld, an Extra Pale Ale. The third beer is a seasonal, and 2013 featured:

  • Spring: Hyve, a Honey Ale
  • Summer: Sum’r, a Summer Ale
  • Fall: Punk’n, a Harvest Pumpkin Ale
  • Winter: Hazel, an Amber Wheat Ale

My Year of Uinta in pictures…

Uinta Brewing Company Spring Mix'r

Spring Mix’r

Uinta Brewing Company Summer Mix'r

Summer Mix’r

Uinta Brewing Company Fall Mix'r

Fall Mix’r

Uinta Brewing Company Winter Mix'r

Winter Mix’r

Last year, I also enjoyed Uinta’s Hop Notch IPA, a strong, hoppy brew that clocks in at a solid 7.3% ABV and 82 IBU. Heck, solid is a good word to describe all of Uinta’s brews. Consider me a fan…

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