What’s On Tap at the Boa Beer Blog

When I poured the first beer from my kegerator, it felt like the first time I watched a football game on my DVR or the first time I used the heated driver’s seat in my new car — I wondered how I ever could have lived without it.

For years, I’ve been hauling cans and bottles by the case-load inside my house to my beer fridge, and then toting out the empties to the curb in the recycle bin. Hey, it’s a lot of work writing the Boa Beer Blog!

But my home beer-sampling just got a lot easier with the installation of my two-tap kegerator! This may be my favorite Christmas gift ever — I’ve really enjoyed pouring draft beer at home over the cold winter weekends.

Of course I love buying mixed 12-packs and sampling as many different brews as I can, so the obvious downside to the kegerator is the lack of variety — a 1/6 keg is 2.5 cases, or 60 12 oz. beers. Not much variety there, even with two taps.

So for the Boa Beer Blog taps, I’ve aimed for sessionable, easy-drinking brew. And I would consider all four kegs I’ve put on tap so far to be among my all-time favorites…no problem kicking these kegs!

BoaBeerBlog Kegs

What’s On Tap at the Boa Beer Blog:

  • Allagash White, an exceptional interpretation of a traditional Belgian wheat beer (5.0%, Allagash Brewing Company, Portland, Maine)
  • Fat Tire, a well-balanced session Amber (5.2%, New Belgium Brewing, Fort Collins, Colorado)
  • Samuel Adams Boston Lager, the well-known flagship beer of the Boston Beer Company (4.8%, Boston, Massachusetts)
  • Honker’s Ale, an English Style Bitter (4.2%, Goose Island, Chicago, Illinois)

More kegerator photos:

Allagash on the Kegerator

Allagash White Kegerator KegAllagash White draft

Kegerator Brews Feb 2014

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