C’est What?

C'est What signageAnother entry for my beer travelogue…

Toronto, Ontario, January 2014, Part 2 — It was hard to leave Bellwoods Brewery, but another beer destination awaited: the cozy basement confines of C’est What?, where I enjoyed a plate of Poutine with my samples of Canadian hand-crafted brews:

  • Steve’s Dreaded Chocolate Ale, a creamy Stout brewed by C’est What?
  • Homegrown Hemp Ale, C’est What? brews this beer with toasted hemp seeds
  • Hop Addict, a crisp hoppy IPA clocking in at 90 IBU, Durham Brewing, Pickering Ontario
  • Crazy Canuck, a west coast Pale Ale, Great Lakes Brewery, Etobicoke, Ontario
  • Stalin’s Choice Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout, Great Lakes Brewery, Etobicoke, Ontario
  • Hawaiian Style Pale Ale, a west coast Pale Ale brewed with pineapple, Spearhead Brewing Company, Etobicoke, Ontario
  • Lone Pine IPA, a west coast IPA, Sawdust City Brewing Company, Gravenhurst, Ontario

My first visit to C’est What? was in 1998, and I go back every time I’m in Toronto because C’est What? may be the perfect brewpub. I love the casual, relaxed atmosphere, the diverse made-from-scratch menu of comfort food, and the amazing selection of house brews and guest taps…brewpubs don’t get any better than this!

I didn’t have a chance to venture for local draft beer beyond Bellwoods and C’est What on my trip to Toronto, but I did have some bottles and cans of local brew.

Like the Mill St. Seasonal Sampler that I had in the hotel room, which came with both bottles and cans…

Mill St Brewery Seasonal Sampler

The mixed six-pack included:

  • Tankhouse Ale, a traditional Pale Ale (5.2%)
  • Weizenbock, a flavorful German-style Wheat Bock (7.5%)
  • Distillery Ale, an English-style Olde Ale (5.0%)
  • Organic Lager, a light Lager brewed with organic malt and hops (4.2%)
  • Cobblestone Stout Draught, a smooth dry stout in a nitrogen-charged 16 oz. can (4.2%)
  • Vanilla Porter Draught, an English-style Porter made with pure vanilla extract in a nitrogen-charged 16 oz. can (5.0%)

Finally, on my way out of town in the Toronto airport I had two cans with dinner while waiting for my flight:

  • Crazy Canuck, a west coast Pale Ale, Great Lakes Brewery, Etobicoke, Ontario
  • Hops and Robbers, an IPA brewed by Double Trouble Brewing Company, Toronto, Ontario

Crazy Canuck

Hops and Robbers

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