Magic Hat Spring Fever 2014

I’ve got Spring Fever! I blame the weather over the weekend, which saw the high temps in the DMV top 60 degrees – not bad for February! And I blame Magic Hat, and their Spring Fever Variety 12-Pak!

Magic Hat Spring Fever Variety 12-Pak

The spring seasonal mixed 12-pack from Magic Hat Brewing Company (South Burlington, VT) includes:

  • #9, Magic Hat’s flagship beer is a Pale Ale with apricot extract – a sessionable Pale with a twist (5.1%)
  • Pistil, a refreshing, sun-inspired spring ale brewed with dandelion leaves (4.5%)
  • Single Chair, a light Golden Ale (5.0%)
  • Ticket to Rye, a strong and spicy Rye IPA (7.1%)

I love how Magic Hat describes this 12-pack: A lively vernal variety that mixes perfectly with the rousing call of spring. Imbibe and Bloom High.

The forecast calls for another blast of cold weather at the end of week, so I really enjoyed this taste of spring. I love drinking spring beer because it means spring is on the way!

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