Asheville Brewing Company (Spring Break 2014, Part 4)

Continuing the beer travelogue of my 2014 Spring Break road trip through the heart of Appalachia eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina.

After camping in Tennessee in the shadows of the Great Smoky Mountains, followed by a beer detour to Waynesville, North Carolina, I arrived in Asheville and made Asheville Brewing Company my first beer stop.

Launched in 1995, Asheville Brewing Company now has three locations. On my first trip to Asheville last year I visited the original brewpub on Merrimon Avenue, so this time I headed downtown to the Coxe Avenue location.

Over a pizza and salad buffet lunch I worked my way through two five-beer flights. My list of beers sampled is below, but first, a few photos:

Asheville Brewing Company front

Asheville Brewing Company chalkboard

Asheville Brewing Company sampler

Beers Sampled:

  1. Shiva IPA
  2. Perfect Day IPA
  3. 828 Pale Ale
  4. Mashbuckler Pale Ale
  5. Red Light Pale Ale
  6. Ninja Porter
  7. Queen’s Ninja Porter
  8. Love, Ninja (Raspberry Porter)
  9. Espirit Sauvage (Imperial Saison)
  10. Scout Stout

In addition to the five-beer flights, I also tasted the Backstage Betty Blonde and carried out a growler of Rocket Girl Lager.

My trip to Asheville was off to an excellent start!


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