Sam Adams Beers of Summer 2014

Wow, has it really been almost three weeks since my last blog post!? This busy summer is flying by! I’ll ease back in with another entry in my occasional series about variety 12-packs…

Sam Adams Beers of Summer 2014

The Samuel Adams Beers of Summer variety 12-pack is an undeniable rite of summer. The 2014 version includes:

  • Boston Lager
  • Summer Ale
  • Belgian Session
  • Porch Rocker
  • White Lantern
  • Blueberry Hill Lager

The 2014 version of this summer stand-by has only one change from 2013. Out from last year’s 12-pack: Little White Rye. New in 2014: White Lantern, a hazy White Ale brewed with tangerine and coriander. This brew was first introduced in the Sam Adams Spring Thaw Variety Pack…it’s not only perfect for spring weather, its perfect for summer too!

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