Sierra Nevada Fall Pack Seasonal Sampler

Sierra Nevada Fall Pack Seasonal Sampler

I always resist the transition to fall beers because it means summer is over and colder weather is on the way. But as we near the end of September, I’ve made the switch and am loving all the fall brew – especially the Sierra Nevada Fall Pack Seasonal Sampler.

According to Sierra Nevada, “Fall is a season defined by change, so we loaded this mixed pack to cover whatever the weather may bring. Highlighting a range of flavors including citrusy hops and robust roasted malt, consider these beers our version of fall foliage.”

  • Pale Ale, this quintessential West Coast Pale Ale is a classic (5.6%, 38 IBU)
  • Oktoberfest, not surprisingly, Sierra Nevada’s take on the classic fest beer is excellent (6.2%, 35 IBU)
  • Tumbler, this Brown Ale is smooth and perfect for an autumn afternoon (5.5%, 37 IBU)
  • Vienna, a well-balanced and drinkable Vienna-style Lager (5.3%, 28 IBU)

It seems like everybody is brewing with pumpkin this fall, but I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin ales. So this fall mixed 12-pack is perfect for me. It pairs well with Sunday afternoon football!

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