New Belgium Brewing Fall Folly Pack

Another entry in my occasional series of posts about variety 12-packs…

New Belgium Fall Folly Pack

Beers: The New Belgium Brewing Folly Pack is a mix of classic New Belgium brews along with a “blast from the past Revival beer.” The Fall 2014 version features:

  • Fat Tire, a well-balanced session Amber — simply a classic (5.2%)
  • Ranger, an American-style IPA brewed for hopheads (6.5%, 70 IBU)
  • Rampant a well-built Imperial IPA (8.5%, 85 IBU)
  • 1554, this black brew “uses a lager yeast strain and dark chocolaty malts to redefine what dark beer can be” (5.6%)
  • Saison Harvest Ale, first brewed in 2007, this flavorful fall revival beer is definitely worth bringing back in the mix (6.5%)

Best Beer: I love this 12-pack and have enjoyed a couple of cases of it this fall. I like the fall revival beer, but what makes this 12-pack worth buying are the IPAs. Ranger is one of my favorite IPAs and Rampant takes it to another level.

Where I found it: On the beer shelves at the Harris Teeter in Arlington, Virginia.

And while I’m writing about the Folly pack…earlier this year I bought two New Belgium Summer Folly packs, just never got a chance to mention them here.

New Belgium Summer Folly Pack

The Summer Folly Pack offered a lighter, refreshing line-up. In addition to Fat Tire and Ranger, the Summer 2014 version included:

  • Snapshot, this hazy Wheat beer is brewed with a souring bacteria to produce a characteristic sourness (5.0%)
  • Blue Paddle, an easy-drinking Czech-style Pilsener with a refreshing crispness and a rich finish (4.8%)
  • Skinny Dip, first brewed in 2006, this summer revival beer is a light and sessionable Belgian Ale (4.2%)

I also found the can folly pack over the summer. This mixed 12-pack included 4 cans each of Fat Tire, Ranger, Snap Shot and Blue Paddle — a perfect summer line-up for the pool.

New Belgium Can Folly Pack

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