Shipyard Brewing Company Mixed 12-Packs

I brought home a couple of Shipyard Brewing Company mixed 12-packs from my trip to Maine – the Shipyard Captains Collection and the Shipyard IPA Variety Pack.

Shipyard Mixed 12 Packs

The winter edition of the Captain’s Collection included:

  • Old Thumper Extra Special Ale, this “Beast of a Beer” is a non-traditional English bitter (5.6%)
  • Prelude Ale, Shipyard’s winter warmer is a complex English Strong Ale (6.7%)
  • Shipyard Export Ale, this Golden Ale is Shipyard’s flagship beer (5.1%)
  • Chamberlain Pale Ale, I love this classic English-style Pale Ale named after renowned Civil War hero Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (4.9%)

The IPA Variety Pack included four excellent and different interpretations of my favorite beer style:

Shipyard IPA Variety Pack Line-Up

  • Fuggles IPA, a single-hopped IPA brewed with Fuggles hops from England (5.8%, 49 IBU)
  • Monkey Fist IPA, an aggressive and strong English-style IPA (6.9%, 68 IBU)
  • Black IPA, this dark black beer combines a rich malty character with the crisp flavor of American Northwest hops (6.2%, 29 IBU)
  • XXXX IPA, this Double IPA was my favorite in the 12-pack – complex and full of flavor (9.25%, 72 IBU)

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