Baying Hound Aleworks

Here’s another entry in my occasional series of posts about visits to local brewpubs and breweries…

Baying Hound Aleworks, Rockville, Maryland

When Visited: March 6, 2015

Occasion: As a hockey dad, I spend a lot of time at the Rockville Ice Arena taking my son to hockey practice. Lucky for me there’s a local brewery nearby! As soon as my son was on the ice for practice, I made a quick trip to Baying Hound.

Beers Sampled: I sampled all four house brews on tap, with pints of two and tasters of the other two.

Baying Hound Chalkboard

  • White Ass Stout, the brewers at Baying Hound embarked on making a stout…but white. A blend of malts was used to create a slightly thicker body to give this beer a Stout-like mouth-feel. Sessionable at 4.0% ABV, so I had a pint.
  • Unleashed IPA, a hopped-up IPA with an IBU of 99. I could not pass up a pint of this delicious brew (6.2%).
  • Hrotgarmr, this “Viking Ale” was inspired by the history books; based on interpretations of a farmhouse ale brewed during the Viking Age (750 AD-1066 AD). Strong at 10.0% ABV.
  • Le Chien Noir, a strong Blackberry Lambic (9.0%)

Baying Hound recently started canning their brew, and I also had a taster of the Originators Belgian Wheat Ale, which is sold in 4-packs (6.5%)

This brewery is always featuring some interesting brews — just take a look at the archived list of pilot brews on their website, which goes on for 11 webpages!

I can’t wait to go back to see what’s brewing at Baying Hound!

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